About Us

LÁGRIMA, Guitars that inspire.

The Lágrima Guitarras was born naturally from the dream of the brothers and musicians João and Samuel Lopes to provide the market high-quality instruments at most affordable prices, making now available to musicians the know-how acquired over many years of experience in different music areas.

Lágrima Guitarras is a Portuguese brand of musical stringed instruments of superior quality with more affinity to the luthier made than to the serial production.

For us quality is a priority, so the tone woods of our guitars are carefully and manually selected for later production in our partners in Portugal and Spain. This way we combine our unique design to the quality of materials and handmade craftsmanship.
Our guitars have a unique aesthetic that reflects the nobility and exotic materials and natural acoustic properties.

After several years of study and observation we decided to only use solid woods in all ranges and models, proposing some unusual combinations of instrument key parts as the top, back and sides and neck. We use only exotic and noble woods with a long period of natural air drying of at least seven years; many have more than 20 and 30 years.

As the luthier made each of our guitars are unique because we promote the individuality and personality of each instrument. Perfection is our mission, so our guitars are designed and produced to provide an inspiring experience with regard to comfort, harmonic richness, volume, tuning and balance.

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